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OpenERP 6.0.3 appliance with addons_path and openerp-update with community branches

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OpenERP 6.0.3 Appliance is now available for sale. It is based on Turnkey Linux Library 11.3 (Ubuntu 10.04) and  includes an addons_path configuration in /etc/openerp-server.conf and the possibility of adding bzr branches to openerp-update (like  i.e. magentoerpconnect and openerp-spain, both of them already downloaded but only the former one included in addons_path). Thanks Angel Moya from Domatix for these two suggestions. Further details in openerp-update’s report.

The desktop appliance provides a GUI Desktop to developers, testers and newbies, while the server appliance is more suitable for production and cloud computing.

E-Junkie is the e-commerce provider chosen for selling digital media at The download link will expire after 120 hours (5 days) or after 5 attempts, which ever event happens first

OpenERP branches included (click on the right links for source code revisions):

Openerp login credentials are set up during the database creation, by default admin/openerp (required for backup/restore from openerp clients) and demo/demo.

OpenERP source code is update-able by running openerp-update command inside ‘openerp’ linux acount. Remember to login as linux user acount “openerp” with default password “openerp. As an interesting feature, openerp-update offers the possibility of reverse updating openerp-server, openerp-web, openerp-client and addons (branches with bzr milestones).

A README document is available on each appliance explaining the following points of interest:

  • Howto update OpenERP branches
  • Howto change your keyboard layout
  • Information regarding VMware tools and VirtualBox Guest Additions installers:
    • (postgres, apache and openerp related services need to be started manually on each boot after adding Guest Additions on latest virtualbox releases)
    • Above scripts provide :
      • full screen resolution on VirtualBox and VMWare Player.
      • Clipboard support: cut/copy and paste between the guest and host OS
      • Shared folders require manual configuration
  • Howto reach OpenERP Appliance on a Virtual Machine from your windows host (VirtualBox,VMware and KVM)
  • Howto reach OpenERP Appliance on a Virtual Machine from your LAN (VirtualBox,VMware and KVM)

List of available appliances:

  1. OpenERP 6.0.3 Desktop Appliance
    • 32-bit architecture
    • File size: 1,11GB
    • Build Date: December 21st 2011
    • Ubuntu release: 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid)
    • TurnKey Linux release: TKL 11.3
    • GUI Desktop included?: Yes
    • confconsole included?: No
    • Workaround for openerp-client bug #674231?: Yes, openerp-client runs by clicking on Desktop icon
    • Issue: When installing VMware Tools or VirtualBox Guest Additions, the appliance might boot with text console login. Workaround: press ‘ALT-F7’ to switch back to GUI login.
    • At least 700MB of Virtual Memory required. Select 128MB of display memory in VirtualBox and “vga 9MB” as default video adapter in KVM.
    • Price: 6€

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  2. OpenERP 6.0.3 Server Appliance

    • 32-bit architecture
    • File size: 906MB
    • Build Date: December 21st 2011
    • Ubuntu release: 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid)
    • TurnKey Linux release: TKL 11.3
    • GUI Desktop included?: No
    • confconsole included?: Yes
    • Workaround for openerp-client bug #674231?: Yes
      • openerp-client runs from command line if required by openerp admin (SSH X11 forwarding required)
      • openerp-client is usually installed and run on each Desktop PC/Laptop (openerp users)
    • Price: 6€

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Magento installer for Ubuntu

OpenERP Appliance & All-In-One & Magento Forum

A new release of this open source script is available. It automates the installation of Magento from source code.

Click on this link to grab the new installer

OpenERP Appliance & All-In-One & Magento Forum

This script automates the setting up of openerp-server-5.0.3 & openerp-client-5.0.3 & openerp-web-5.0.3 & openerp-addons-5.0.3 for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop

The Goal is to provide a graphical installer of OpenERP for Ubuntu Desktop with a KISS philosophy

This post is obsolete! This script doesn’t work any longer as openerp v5.0.3 is out of date and not available at Please consider the new script and post: OpenERP 5.0.5 on Ubuntu All-in-one installer & updater For Dummies:

Requirements: A fresh installation of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop (

Run the script through the Graphical User Interface:

1. uncompress the file
2. right click on icon
3. click on ” Properties”
4. click on “Permissions” tab
5. select “Execute: Allow executing file as program”
6. click on “Close”
7. double click on the icon and “Run”

The installation process can be as simple as “Accept” for each question. You will need to type your user password (sudo).

Additional info:

1. OpenERP on Ubuntu 8.04 is recommended for production systems
2. Desktop Icons for openerp-client and openerpweb URL are made
3. Available IP addresses are shown to ease the IP address input. The first configured IP is marked as default one
4. An OpenERP-README.txt file is created with the remaining steps to be done from the OpenERP client (GTK or Web)


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New release of OpenERP All-in-one installer & updater for Ubuntu

A new release of this open source script is available and compatible with Ubuntu 9.10. It automates the installation and update of OpenERP from source code (latest stable or trunk branch from The following optional modules have been included: openerp-spain, magentoerpconnect, report-openoffice and openetl.

Many thanks to Ana Juaristi ( for suggesting the idea of adding report-openoffice into this installer. Brandnew Reporting Engine rocks!!

Click on this link to grab the new installer

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